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When it's story time, go beyond the slogan. 

Videos offer a powerful way of showcasing joint values that a brand stand for and what it's product does. 

We have produced over 200 short films and have a team of 20 talented media collaborators across London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Dusseldorf and Zurich. Our portfolio covers a number of key industries but essentially with one key angle, to represent content in a structured and interesting way. No two briefs are similar and what we are professionals at is grasping project requirements and delivering productions that are creatively relevant. 

Sectors and environments in which we have executed media projects successfully are; 

  • Executive Education - Promotional videos and blended learning materials. Canary Wharf.

  • MBA- Promotional videos and blended learning materials. London.

  • Universities, FE Colleges, Adult Education & Schools across England - Video Case-studies, Recruitment Videos, Promoting Research & Events Videos. London/UK Wide.

  • SME's & Corporates - Video Documentaries, Short Films, Conference Videos & Investment Summits media coverage. London/UK Wide.

  • Travel & Tourism trade fairs Short Films. London, Berlin and Stockholm. 

  • Embassies, Foreign Commonwealth Office and collaborating with foreign government departments. Short Films/Photography. London, Paris and Berlin.

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Video examples of our work:

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